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Message From Managing Director

Being a Japanese oriented manufacturing group in producing quality metal parts and components, we have been playing important roles in the continued growth and development of the Malaysian industry.

Through our vast experience, extensive technical know-how and our strong and capable workforce since 1989, we are confident to provide all our respected customers with our excellent quality products such as pressed, welded and assembled parts and components, especially in automotive and home appliance industries.

Towards our vision “We will become the most preferred and respected company in the metal parts and components industries in Malaysia by 2030”, we will strive and continue to challenge to meet our customers’ further requirement. In the quest for the growth of your business, we are your choice for the needs of pressed, welded, assembled parts and components.

Yoshihiko Okuno

Managing Director 

Group Corporate Philosophy


We will contribute to the growth of Malaysian and global economies, industries and societies and pursue customer satisfaction through manufacturing quality metal parts and components.


We will become the most preferred and respected company in the metal parts and components industries in Malaysia by 2030.



Corporate structure

Anshin Precision Industries ("API" hereafter) was incorporated on 24th October 1989.
We, API and STI, are an IATF 16949-2016 certified company, who is jointly owned by Marubeni-Itochu Steel Group, Japan and Nojima Seisakusho., Co, Ltd, Japan and our parent companies come with the collective experience of distributing steel products and manufacturing metal parts and components to various industries around the world.

Our primary business is manufacturing of automotive parts and components such as small to middle sized pressed parts, assembled parts and car seat frames with great support from our parenet companies. However, we are not only supplying our products to a variety of accomplished manufacturers and assemblers in automotive and non-automotive sectors in Malaysia, but also fabricating press dies, jigs and fixtures to meet our customers’ requirement as a total solution provider.

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